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New Study Shows ASCs Could Play Pivotal Role in Health Care Reforms

ASCs play a pivotal role in moving services into less expensive, yet clinically appropriate settings according to a recent report by KNG Health Consulting.

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House and Senate Vote to Eliminate Imaging Center License for ASCs

Budget Heads to Governor for Signature

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Economic Stimulus and Health Care

Special Conference Call for OAASC Members

The OAASC and our management partner Strategic Health Care recently presented a special conference call related to the Economic Stimulus and Health Care.

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Governor Addresses Health Care Needs in State of the State

Governor Strickland presented his State of the State address on Jan 28 at a very snowy statehouse. While much of his address focused on education reform and the economy, he did make some references to health care, including efforts to expand access to care in the state.

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Weekly Advocacy Update


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Weekly Advocacy Update


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Tough Economy Could Significantly Impact ASCs in More than One Way

The tough economic times facing Ohio will certainly hold a significant financial impact for ASCs and other health care providers as more Ohioans lose health care benefits or have those benefits reduced to cut costs. While it's certain that most ASCs as planning for these potential reimbursement impacts to their 2009 budgets, there are other government-related "costs of doing business" that could also affect the budget next year and beyond.

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Big Changes in Effect After 2008 Elections

Dramtic Election Results Could Change Policy Directions for ASCs on a National and State Level

When Bill Clinton ran for President in 1992, a simple phrase tacked onto the wall at his campaign headquarters served as a constant reminder of what the campaign was all about: "It's the economy, stupid!" It was the economy again in 2008, and Democratic candidate Barack Obama had an even simpler slogan, "Change", to carry his campaign to victory. With RealClearPolitics poll average showing 85% of Americans viewing the country as on the "wrong track", this was clearly the year for change, and Senator Obama's strategy paid dividends throughout many races in Ohio.

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Weekly Advocacy Update

October 27, 2008

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OAASC to Explore Data Reporting Alternatives

While the legislature takes its summer break, representatives of the OAASC's Government Affairs and Quality and Clinical Outcomes Committees remain hard at work on an issue for next year.

The two committees are looking at what data ASCs should be reporting to allow health care consumers best judge the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of Ohio's ASCs.

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