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Discussions Continue on Dual Licensure

ODH Drafting Official Opinion

The OAASC continues working with the Ohio Department of Health to resolve a licensure conflict throughout the state.  OAASC brought the issue to ODH's attention after several members reporting conflicting instructions from the Department. 

With no apparent rhyme or reason, some surgery centers are being told that in addition to obtaining their health care facility license as a surgery center, they must also be licensed as a freestanding diagnostic imaging center if they use certain diagnostic equipment in their facility.  Others are being told by their ODH inspector that one license - as a surgery center - will suffice regardless of what equipment is used or whether it is used as part of a procedure.

OAASC staff met with the Department twice last month to push for a resolution to the issue and ensure consistency statewide for licensing of surgery centers.

ODH staff appears to be coming down on the side of requiring dual licensure if the imaging equipment in the ASC is used with a contrast medium. However, they did indicate that they have made exceptions for pain management procedures that use imaging and contrast for needle placement.

The OAASC will work to bring about a common sense, clinically rational and uniform decision on this issue. Stay tuned in the comming months for more information.

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