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CMS Proposes 2018 Medicare Rate Adjustment for ASCs

Changes To Quality and OAS-CAHPS Reporting

CMS released the 2018 proposed payment rule for ASCs and hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) earlier this month and is proposing a 1.9% increase for 2018 and a delay in the implementation of the OAS-CAHPS Patient Satisfaction Survey Mandate.

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Health Care Price Transparency Added to State Budget

ASCs Not Named But Might Be Impacted

In the recently passed state budget, state legislators decided to add a provision that was originally proposed two years ago that requires hospital, nursing homes, physicians and a number of other ancillary professional medical services (dentist, psychologists, optometrists, and audiologists) to provide patients in writing, before products, services, or procedures are provided, a reasonable, good-faith estimate of all of the following for the provider's non-emergency products, services, or procedures.

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Ohio Medicaid's New Payment System Delayed

Resources Available for ASC Members

Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) is moving forward with a new payment system for ASCs and Hospital Outpatient Services but as a result of issues in the rule making process, the implementation date has been moved from July1 to August 1, 2017.

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House Votes to Override Numerous Budget Vetoes

Medicaid Freeze Not Included

The Ohio House of Representatives voted Thursday to override 11 of Kasich’s 47 line-item vetoes in the biennial budget (HB 49), but did not vote to override Kasich's veto of the budget bill's freeze on Medicaid expansion enrollment next year.

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Ohio Medicaid To Hold Webinar on Prior Authorizations for New ASC Payment System

June 14 @ 2:00p.m. - Exclusively for OAASC Members

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Medicaid Considers Adding Codes to New Payment Structure

OAASC Member Feedback Requested from State

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), in their effort to implement their new payment structure, is looking for OAASC member feedback. They have been reviewing HCPCs codes to add coverage to for ASCs would like to know if ever/how often centers bill certain codes to other payers.

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Ohio Medicaid To Hold Tele-Conference on New ASC Payment System

Jan. 24, 2017 @ 2:00p.m. - Exclusively for OAASC Members

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BWC Announces 2017 Reimbursement Plans

Two new orthopedic procedures to be added.

The Ohio BWC has announced to the OAASC their plans for ASC reimbursement rates for 2017. BWC-ASC Summit to be held 11/29

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OAASC Reimbursement Survey

Deadline 12/20

The OAASC is in the process of gathering reimbursement data from members to create a tool which will provide the OAASC membership with a clearer statewide perspective of third party payer payment trends.

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OAASC Member e-Newsletter

August 30, 2011

Latest Information Available to OAASC Members

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