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April 8th Eclipse Could Affect Your Center

On Monday, April 8th, 9 Ohio counties will be in the path of totality of the solar eclipse, and 55 counties over all will be affected in some way.  While an eclipse is typically thought of as something interesting and fun, this short event could complicate operations at your center.

The eclipse will move southwest to northeast beginning shortly after 3:00 PM, with Toledo, Bowling Green, Lima, Mansfield, Akron, Cleveland, Springfield, and Dayton lying in the path of totality.   The Ohio Department of Tourism expects millions of visitors in the total eclipse region.  Centers in the areas that will be heavily affected by the event might want to consider distributing extra communication to your patients suggesting the possibility of excess traffic and extended travel times to reach your facility. 

The map below shows the full path of the event.


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Additionally, be aware that this also might affect any deliveries that you are expecting that day.   A quick check-in with your vendors could help avoid any unnecessary complications.  While none of these factors may seem major to your day-to-day functions, a little planning and patience will no doubt ensure a smooth day of operations at your center during this historic event.

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