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Join Us as a Presenter at OAASC's 2022 Annual Meeting




OAASC 2022 Annual Meeting:

A Multi-Disciplinary Conference for ASC Professionals

September 27 28, 2022

Hilton Polaris - Columbus (North)

Click here for our 2022 Annual Education Conference Call for Presentations packet.

FREE Conference Registration for All Presenters! 


Submit completed forms to:

The Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers
P.O. Box 340225, Columbus, OH 43234
614/358-0177 | FAX 614/467-2071
Email Heidi Moss at


Submission deadline is April 1, 2022

Historically our attendance has been around 200, last year during the Covid pandemic we had 112 in-person attendees.  We believe everyone is even more ready to get back into the OAASC Conference mode this year, and hope for attendance in the range of 150-170.  We will not additionally be offering a virtual conference.

Attendees are ASC administrators, clinical directors, nurse managers, physicians, business managers, coders/billers and ASC industry support professionals.

Presenters are invited to respond to this Call for Presentations with a wide range of proposals.  Emphasis is placed on clinical research, quality improvement, infection prevention, life safety codes, materials management, operations topics, staff management, physician recruitment/management, coding, billing and reimbursement practices, center growth, leadership, emergency preparedness and health care management. Our goal is to help Ohio’s ASC professionals keep their “fingers on the pulse” of what’s important to their centers and professions, so the timelier the information, the better.

Innovative approaches by Ohio ASCs in the realm of ambulatory surgery clinical issues, coding expertise, quality initiatives and business operations are encouraged and very much welcomed!   Interdisciplinary team proposals and joint presentations by more than one ASC or organization are also encouraged.

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