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House Votes to Override Numerous Budget Vetoes

Medicaid Freeze Not Included

 The Ohio House of Representatives voted Thursday to override 11 of Kasich’s 47 line-item vetoes in the biennial budget (HB 49), but did not vote to override Kasich's veto of the budget bill's freeze on Medicaid expansion enrollment next year. 
However, the House has until the end of this General Assembly, Dec. 31, 2018, to reconsider additional veto overrides and they did override the veto of legislative authorization regarding Medicaid expenditures and legislative oversight of Medicaid rates. If passed by the Ohio Senate, the Ohio Department of Medicaid will have to go before a legislative committee to change any rates.  It is not certain how this impacts the changes being made to ASC rates starting in Aug 1.
This marks the first time the House has voted to override a Kasich veto. Governors Veto Message 
House members voted to override the following vetoes, sending the measures on to the Ohio Senate for a possible vote, likely July 12:

  • Item 3 –  Controlling Board authority limitations
  • Item 23 – Medicaid coverage of optional eligibility groups
  • Item 25 – Legislative oversight of rules increasing Medicaid rates
  • Item 26 – Medicaid rates for neonatal and newborn services
  • Item 27 – Medicaid rates for nursing facilities
  • Item 30 – Long-term services added to managed care
  • Item 31 – Behavioral health redesign
  • Item 33 – Health insuring corporation franchise fee
  • Item 34 – Controlling Board authorization regarding Medicaid expenditures
  • Item 36 – Waiver regarding Healthy Ohio program
  • Item 37 – Oil and gas leasing commission appointments 


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