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CMS New Patient Satisfaction Survey Mandate

OAASC Has an Answer for Your OAS-CAHPS Concerns - Fields Research, Ohio's Endorsed Survey Provider

CMS New Patient Satisfaction Survey Mandate

OAASC Has an Answer for Your OAS-CAHPS Concerns -  Fields Research, Ohio's Endorsed Survey Provider


As you probably already know, starting in January 2018 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will require all ASCs to participate in their patient satisfaction survey program or be assessed a 2% payment penalty for non-compliance.

It will be mandatory that all ASCs and hospital outpatient departments (HOPD) participate in the CMS approved Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery CAHPS® (OAS-CAHPS) Survey.  CMS requires you to use a third party approved vendor to conduct this survey, and official survey results will be publicly reported.  

While the survey is currently voluntary until the end of the year, it is in your center’s best interest to learn the survey process, identify and address any issues before the public reporting period and give yourself months to fix any problems the survey may reveal. The OAASC has vetted OAS-CAHPS approved vendors based on knowledge, experience, survey mode, and price.  Ohio-based Fields Research came highly recommended with excellent references, providing an economical resource for OAASC members. 


For all of these reasons the OAASC has officially endorsed Fields Research, Inc. as our preferred OAS-CAHPS survey vendor and are pleased to announce special pricing exclusively for our members.




Fieldsresearch Oascahps Hires



Fields Research is a Cincinnati-based, family owned and operated business and one of the longest standing data collection firms in the United States with over 40 years of conducting surveys. They administer the survey via phone mode, which according to the CAHPS® (Clinician & Group) manual: “Research conducted by the CAHPS® Consortium indicates that telephone-only administration is associated with more positive reports and ratings of care."

FieldsResearch specializes in data collection and their decades of research experience allow them to conduct CAHPS surveys simply and affordably. Rather than forcing centers to pay for extra layers of personnel and additional metrics irrelevant to CMS compliance, their process and price are simple and straightforward.

They publish their prices on our website.  OAASC members will receive special pricing when the voluntary period ends December 2017.  Benefits of the OAASC/Fields Research Partnership for Members:


  • Special pricing while OAS-CAHPS® is voluntary - get started now for only a $5 setup fee, and all months before August (July surgeries) 2017 are free. 

  • Voluntary period pricing of $100 - $250 from August through the remainder of 2017

  • Starting in January 2018, OAASC members will receive an exclusive 10% off of the following published price the first year and 5% off the following years.


Current published price (before OAASC 10% Discount): 




$     250.00


$     400.00


$     450.00


$     495.00


Survey administration includes: Personalized assistance working with your IT personnel and software company to obtain patient data (typically billing data) for surveys. 

No hassle administration of the OAS-CAHPS survey with your patients in accordance with CMS protocol and HIPAA compliance.

Online portal to review survey results reports in real-time to learn how your center is doing.

To take advantage of the free months offer and get the process started, sign up and Fields Research will take it from there:

Fields Research is honored to be endorsed by OAASC to conduct your OAS-CAHPS surveys and help you comply with this new mandate.



The sooner, the better.  If any issues are brought to light by the survey, you will have months to make improvements. Give yourself months to fix a problem, not weeks... and it's free, no charge until August (July surgeries).


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