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Reimbursement Survey Extended! Participate Today!

Fill yours out today!

***Deadline Extended to May 16th!***

How Do Your Reimbursements Stack Up?

Participate in the OAASC 2022 Reimbursement Survey and Find Out!

Access the survey now:


The OAASC is once again in the process of creating a tool which will provide the OAASC membership with a clearer statewide perspective of third party payer payment trends. 

As in past years, the Reimbursement Committee is requesting generalized reimbursement data from ASCs.  Participating centers have found this information to be valuable to both management staff and leadership. As in any study, the more centers who participate, the better the results, so we hope we can count on your involvement.

OAASC leadership has carefully examined the legal requirements of this activity and has taken measures to ensure the survey is constructed properly and the project is executed well within legal boundaries. 


To ensure complete legal confidentiality, the surveys will be handled exclusively by an independent consultant.  No member of the Reimbursement Committee will see the confidential information, only the final report.  Please review your contracts to ensure that you can share payer specific information.  There should not be any issue in sharing general CPT level information.


The survey is divided into three components:

  1. Most used CPT codes by specialty and average reimbursements for those codes
  2. Generalized payments or reimbursement levels
  3. Reimbursement trends/strategies

It will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete.  Helpful reports for you to have as you start the survey include:

  • Procedure summaries
  • Payments by CPT codes
  • Payments by group for each payer
  • General contract information


While we know this is an investment of your time, your ASC will benefit significantly from the information produced by the survey.

Web version -

Among the benefits of the survey:

  • Having current comparisons of reimbursement rates;
  • Using anonymous data to compare private payer rates to Medicare;
  • Having an objective tool to measure your ASC's reimbursement strengths and weaknesses.


Please help make this survey and resulting tool a success for Ohio ASCs! 

Complete the survey online by May 16th, and become a part of our on-going reimbursement dialogue by joining our Reimbursement Committee for quarter meetings on current reimbursement issues.  Email Heidi at to be added to the committee roster.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Heidi Moss at the OAASC office: 

Thank you very much for your continued support of OAASC!


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