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ODH Director's Order for Management of Non-Essential Surgeries & Procedures Applies to Ambulatory Surgery Centers

As many of you know, earlier today Ohio Department of Health Director Acton issued an order postponing elective surgeries beginning March 18, 2020. While it was initially unclear if ambulatory surgery centers were included, we just received notification from the Ohio Department of Health that our centers are considered part of the order.

We are currently working with our legislative consultant and have requested a call between OAASC Leadership and the Ohio Department of Health to discuss the implications and our concerns.  We will keep the membership updated on any new developments as they happen.

A summary of the order is provided below, or you can view the full order here.

The order was issued in an effort to preserve the limited supply of PPE in Ohio.  Surgeries or procedures are required to be delayed unless there is: 

  • Threat to the patient’s life if surgery or procedure is not performed; 
  • Threat of permanent dysfunction of an extremity or organ system; 
  • Risk of metastasis or progression of staging; 
  • Risk of rapidly worsening to severe symptoms. 

Additionally, each hospital and surgery center is required to establish an internal governance structure to ensure compliance with this order, which includes limited the use of members on the surgical team and patient care areas to ensure that the use of PPE is kept to a minimum. 

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