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1st Q Benchmarking Data Entry Ends 5/26

1st Quarter Data Entry Available

Please Share with Appropriate Center Staff


1st Quarter 2017 ASC Benchmarking Data Entry Ends Today 5/26


Please make sure your data is entered prior to the end of the day.


Tracking your quality benchmarking data us easy with OAASC's exclusive benchmarking system.  BEST YET, remember this is a free service for OAASC members and provides valuable insights into your clinical and financial operations and provides you all that you need to inform your QAPI programs.


Go to (direct link - different than our regular web site), login in and submit your 1st quarter 2017 data by May 26 to participate.  Then come back (anytime after 5/26) and download and view your results.  Charts can be saved as .pdf and images so you can incorporate them into presentations for your Board. 




  • Please make certain that you BOTH SIGN AND APPROVE the data to ensure that it is included in quarter's data.


  • The User C login is the best way to ensure that your data is fully submitted if you are doing all data entry and submitting your center's final data.


  • You don't need to fill out ever question but make sure you respond with a NC, NA, NR so that you non-response is not included in the averages.


Remember this is a FREE service as a part of your membership and is the only benchmarking service available that solely compares Ohio facilities with other facilities in the state and YOUR region of the state.


For a direct link to the survey go to




QUESTIONS about your survey or login details?  Call the OAASC at 614-358-0177 or email Randy Leffler at